Hannele Niemi — Jari Multisilta (edit)

Boundless Classroom

”Boundless Classroom” brings together new approaches of how to cater for 21st century needs and requirements in Finnish schools. The book describes boundary crossing innovations when connecting formal and informal learning settings. There are authentic examples and implementations how students work as knowledge creators using mobile technology in digital storytelling projects or other video-based projects.

”Boundless Classroom” also illustrates how inspiring it can be when students work in collaboration and network with local or global partners. The book shows how students work with a local elderly home, day care center and libraries and how they share their learning experience with students in other countries. ”Boundless Classroom” also provides examples on motivating students through games and playfulness. The authors also describe how the school culture becomes more open and supportive to different learners when technology is integrated as a tool for learning. This brings in collaboration for the whole school community.

Primary audience for the book are the primary audiences are teachers, teacher educators, policy makers, parents, companies, and other practitioners in the media field (e.g., software developers etc.) who are interested in the advancement in the field of educational technology. The book discusses developments in digital technologies and how these are integrated in schools at the national and international level in cooperation with Finnish Universities

Published in 2014, 303 pages

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