Hannele Niemi — Riitta Sarras (edit)

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Teacher's professional ethics in the era of social media

A young person can learn how to grow peas and build a playhouse - or to grow hemp and build explosives. They may find new friends who will teach him to play the guitar but on the other hand, they can also provide tips on how to hide bulimic vomiting from their families. The social media is capable of all things good and evil.

Young people are technically skilled, but in need adult support to for example weigh the value of information, as well as interaction skills and the building of self-image. As social media screams to liking, what criteria will the young use to select what kinds of communities they would want to be a part of?

This book discusses how social media affects children's and young people's lives and how teachers can take social media into account in upbringing and education. The teachers themselves do not have to be social media users, but they will information about the practices and ethical principles of social media.

Published in 2012, 104 pages

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