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PS-kustannus is a Finnish publisher specializing in professional literature. We publish around 30 new books annually with topics ranging from teaching, education and social services to health care, management and contemporary social issues in society. Some of our central themes include learning disabilities, teaching, social interaction and welfare at work. We work in close collaboration with leading Finnish research institutions, universities and non-governmental organizations in various social sectors.

The globally recognized quality of the Finnish education system is based on the outstanding university level training of teachers, as well as their constant re-education at work. Books published by PS-kustannus are often used as study material in universities and in self-education. While acknowledging both the strengths and weaknesses of the Finnish education system, we firmly believe that the information and experience that have built the famed Finnish educational "know-how" could be of great benefit to educators and curious minds alike beyond the country’s borders.

Books in the ‘Opetus 2000’ series (Education 2000) outline the development of Finnish schools and present the latest research in an inspiring, user-friendly form. Some of the books comment on current issues in education and seek to stir discussion not only among schools and parents, but also on a broader social scale.

Our guiding principles could be described to be ‘humanistic’, because the main theme of all our books in one way another revolves around the difficulties and opportunities of our collective human experience. Our well-structured and practical books are suitable for professional readers as well as anyone interested in the multiple aspects of humanity and the human experience.

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Many of our books are regarded essential tools in keeping professional knowledge up-to-date. They are often used as course and study material for universities and polytechnics. Don’t hesitate to ask us about the translation rights!

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We are interested in publishing professional literature aimed at teachers, educators and professionals working in social services and health care.

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