Ulla Rauramo

Food travel — Inspirational ideas for food education

Memories of food are born from as early as infancy. Interest in food awakens in kindergarten age and with adolescents, many customs and habits are already strong enough to remain throughout their entire life. The food is a pleasure and a joy, conversation starter and a form of social interaction. When good eating habits are adopted early, they help maintain good health later in life.

This guide highlights food culture from eight perspectives through practical exercises. The book aims to -among other things- increase children's interest in the world of food and help them to find a new kind of flavor tourist in themselves, as well as to facilitate the selection of food. Each section builds first a background of key issues and concepts and then moves into different participatory tasks. Tasks can be combined with a variety of different subjects. The book is suitable for school use as well as different morning and afternoon activities and clubs.

Let's embark together on a culinary journey and guide children and young people to relate to food with courage and great interest.

Published in 2013, 147 pages

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