Aili Helenius — Leena Lummelahti

The manual of play

The manual of play examines the position of the play in supervised groups of kids. This question about the game's or play's status is aimed at the professionals in the field of early childhood education, the teachers in pre-primary education and elementary education as well as at the parents.

The play keeps changing as time passes by. Yet by immersing into our own play experience, we can see and deduct what is still important in one's play. Play is a natural way to a child to learn. Within creative plays child develops his or her strengths and abilities.

Directing a group of playing children as per the requirements of each age group is challenging for the staff working with children. Plays with rules are an essential form of teaching in pre-primary education, whereas traditional plays enrich the outdoor games. Plays with rules are treated widely in the book as they form an integral part of the book's theme. Nothing can replace the play as a common hobby within a family. The memories we capture during playing will constitute an integral part of our autobiography.

The manual of play is a comprehensive work treating the play and its development. The writers of the book are long-term specialists in the field of early childhood education and teacher training.

Published in 2014, 256 pages

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